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How it works

The Grace Hopper Institute’s scholarship program is designed to provide a comprehensive and intensive learning experience. The program combines cutting-edge training, mentorship, and real-world projects at some of the most recognizable NGOs. Participants receive professional development advice and guidance to help them develop their technical skills as well as their professional networks.

We also provide fast-track access to jobs through our partner companies worldwide, offering opportunities for alumni to test their newly acquired skills in a real work environment. Our goal is to connect talented individuals with recognizable tech brands that can benefit from their newfound expertise.

What you Gain

Imagine being able to say that you learned how to code from some of the best minds in the industry – that’s what you’ll get with The Grace Hopper Institute’s scholarship program.

Transform your Career

Learn new skills that will set you apart on the job market.

Paid Scholarship!

Your development is important to us, so each participant will receive a stipend, paid each month of the program.

Exclusive Resources

Gain access to exclusive resources, including training, tools, and mentorship.

Career Support

The Grace Hopper Institute takes career development seriously. Upon completing the program, participants have access to continued guidance and mentorship from our team. We help them develop a career path that suits their individual goals and interests.

We assist our graduates with job search strategies, such as resume building, networking, and staying up-to-date with industry trends.

In addition to providing career support to our graduates, we also maintain an active network of alumni who are eager to give back by helping new engineers find job opportunities. This network can o#er valuable advice on how to pursue a career in the tech industry or connect aspiring engineers with potential employers.

For those looking for an internship or other entry level positions in tech companies, we provide access to hiring databases which are regularly updated with the latest job postings from top employers around the world. We also host regular events like open houses and mixers where our graduates can meet recruiters face-to-face and showcase their skills in person.

Finally, we have formed partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the industry and o#er exclusive golden tickets for the recruitment process through these companies. The program provides invaluable experience for future software engineers who want to develop their skills while gaining hands-on experience in a real work environment.

Who Can Apply

Our goal is to make careers in the technology industry accessible to all. That’s why we extend our offer to people of all ages, from any background or nationality, both formally educated and self-taught.

All Interested in Software Engineering

All aspiring software engineers, regardless of their background or experience level, are welcome to apply for the Grace Hopper Institute scholarship. We believe in creating an inclusive atmosphere of collaboration, learning, and growth that is open to everyone. We are dedicated to helping people reach their highest potential and build meaningful careers in the tech industry

Everyone with a Passion for Technology

This scholarship is designed for individuals who have a passion for coding and technology, and who want to pursue a career as a software engineer. We also encourage applicants who may not have a technical background but are eager to learn software engineering skills. Our program focuses on providing mentorship and training tailored to each individual's unique needs and goals.

Applicants with Special Interest in NGOs

We believe everyone should have access to the same opportunities regardless of their background or experience level. What matters is a willingness to learn and a passion for technology — so if you're dedicated to learning and want to build something meaningful, for yourself and others, don't hesitate to apply

Why our Scholarship is Different

How can I get Financial Aid?

Financial aid for our scholarship program works on a monthly basis. Each participant will receive a stipend, providing them with the necessary financial support to focus solely on developing their career. This financial aid is meant to help cover living expenses and other costs associated with participating in the scholarship program, such as technological tools or transportation, so that participants can dedicate themselves to learning and growing without worrying about budgeting.

It is important to note that our financial aid doesn’t cover all of the costs associated with participating in the scholarship program – some costs will still need to be covered by participants themselves. However, involvement in this program can open up other financial opportunities, such as internships or job offers, which could further assist with covering these expenses.

When our alumni find work and feel satisfied with their finances, we kindly ask them to pay it forward by donating to our foundation. This helps us grow our community and continue offering scholarships to benefit more individuals who need financial assistance in order to pursue their dreams. We believe this helps perpetuate a cycle of growth and success within our community.

Do you need help with Financial Aid?

Get in touch we can help you get started.

What to expect during the Application Process:

Reviewing Applications

The recruitment process for scholarship recipients typically begins with a review of their applications. During this initial stage, applicants are evaluated on their academic merits, career goals, and other qualifications as outlined in their written applications.

Interview Applicants

After the application review process is complete, selected applicants are invited to participate in an interview or series of interviews with members of the Recruitment Commission. During these interviews, applicants are asked questions related to their qualifications and motivations for applying for the scholarship and must demonstrate a clear understanding of what the award entails.

EntryTest (optional)

In some cases, the commission may choose to add a theoretical or practical test as an additional stage of recruitment. This decision can be announced no less than one week in advance of the test. This additional step is intended to assess the applicant's knowledge of relevant topics that may not have been addressed during the other stages of recruitment.

We assist our graduates with job search strategies, such as resume building, networking, and staying up-to-date with industry trends.

Open Applications

The Google Cloud Scholarship is an opportunity to learn from expert instructors and work on real...

The Google Cloud Scholarship is an opportunity to learn from expert instructors and work on real...

The Google Cloud Scholarship is an opportunity to learn from expert instructors and work on real...

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