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Benefits for our Partners

Imagine being able to say that you learned how to code from some of the best minds in the industry – that’s what you’ll get with The Grace Hopper Institute’s scholarship program.

Outsource your internal scholarship programs

Outsource your internal scholarship programs to GHI in order to recruit highly qualified candidates from all backgrounds and demographics.

Leverage GHI’s Work Ethic

Leverage GHI’s work ethic to ensure that the knowledge shared with students is up-to-date and applicable to the current business landscape.

Access to GHI’s Resources

Gain access to GHI’s unparalleled resources, which include a world-class faculty, top-tier curriculum, and an extensive global alumni network.

Job Oppurtunities

Ofer meaningful job opportunities to underserved communities.

Help break down barriers

Break down barriers that keep underrepresented populations from accessing opportunities in the tech field.

Unlimited Talent

Hire the best alumni who graduate from our program today and benefit from their brilliance tomorrow.

Our Values

At GHI, we understand that every partnership is unique and requires an individual approach. That’s why our team of experts is dedicated to providing tailored solutions to meet each partner’s specific needs. We strive to provide the best value possible while maintaining transparency throughout the entire process.

GHI values are based on mutual respect and trust.

Allowing both the partner and GHI to grow and benefit from our relationship. We believe in long-term partnerships that are rewarding and supportive. We prioritize collaboration between us and our partners, as well as sharing access to new resources, technologies, opportunities, and expertise.

We strive for inclusivity and equity in all of our partnerships.

Ensuring a chance to grow for those who may not have it without our help. Additionally, GHI encourages all partners to embrace diversity, providing equal opportunities and support for people of all backgrounds and perspectives.

We respect each other's opinion and ideas.

Encourage collaboration, and ensure all of an applicant’s work is considered before a recruitment decision is reached. Our partners must have the same commitment in delivering a high-quality service, in alignment with GHI values.

Together we will train your professional team and help those who help.

At the Grace Hopper Institute, we are dedicated to training and equipping professionals with the skills they need to be successful. We provide comprehensive educational programs tailored to the unique needs of individuals or teams. Our programs focus on helping people develop critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and core technical skills that are essential for a successful career in technology.

In addition, we aim to help those who help others by providing resources and opportunities for NGOs and organizations that strive to make a positive impact. Through our scholarship program, we support talented individuals from diverse backgrounds so they can access quality education and jumpstart their careers. These initiatives help bridge the gap between talent and opportunity.

What does the collaboration process look like?

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At the Grace Hopper Institute, we strive to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to learn about and benefit from the most recent advances in technology. We hope that you will join us in this mission by becoming one of our partners today

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