A successful launch of a mobile platform

Thanks to the efforts of the Grace Hopper Institution, the WWF's website now has a better user experience, higher conversions for landing pages, and overall better SEO. The company appreciates the team's quick and effective communication as it led to many improvements from their end.

Janusz Rapu

Tailor-made app for a law firm done from the ground up

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Smooth and transparent process following the Scrum methodology

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Smooth communication accross multiple channels kept us on the same page

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Thanks to proper planning, good communication and perfect understanding of the client’s needs, we managed to deliver the final product before the deadline with no extra costs. And we wanna make it clear – we weren’t like this just because we were afraid of their legal team. That’s just how we work.

Our Partner/NGO

Squire Patton Boggs is a big international law firm that wanted to create an iOS and Android platform dedicated to gathering a wide range of industry-related news.

  • One of a kind platform with law-related news
  • Rapidly growing user base
  • Avoiding a disastrous trial in case of failure

The Team

team member
John Martinique
Senior Engineer
team member
Sarah Lynch
Senior UX Designer
team member
Jody Abdul
Project Manager


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